To provide global excellence in training and research and create innovative model for development .To offer quality training on mechanics ,research ideas and innovation engineering solution to advanced skills and productivity .To produce the quality manpower through practical training and generate income to produce the income to the university. To provide the facilities to the student to play their rightful role in line with the mission and vision of the university .

Workshop Rules And Safety Precaution :-

Notify the workshop staff of your arrival . Students with any  health problems that may affect their safety as well as, workplace  safety (e.g medication,fitness) must report these condition to the workshop staff . Every student should wear the safety items ,ask  how to use tools safely  ,keep your work area tidy . Do,not talk to anyone operating electrical equipment and machinery , clean up any waste-spills immediately ,wash hands after using equipments and materials ,Remove rings ,tie and loose jewellery before operating machinery they can be hazard.

1 Lathe Machine
2 Milling Machine
3 Slotter Machine
4 Radial Drill Machine
5 Power Hacksaw Machine
6 Grinder Machine
7 Surface Grinder Machine
8 Capston and Turret Lathe
9 Shaper Machine
10 Compressor
11 Planer
12 CNC Turner
13 CNC Milling
14 Electrical arc welding
15 Resistance spot welding
16 Gas welding
17 Press Machine