Students, alumni, community partners, parents, and friends-- I’d like to wish you a warm welcome to The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Khandari Campus, Agra-282002 (Formerly Agra University, Agra) website. I hope you find these pages informative and engaging and that they highlight not only the exciting changes taking place within The Patton College, but also the outstanding students, faculty, and staff that make us unique.
Engineering has the power to transform lives. This is why our students at the IET, Agra are so passionate about pursuing an engineering education. My vision for IET is to establish it as the preeminent center for teaching, research and entrepreneurship in the world.
Today engineering education and research are in a period of extraordinary transition. Our institute too is undergoing an exciting transformation. Over the next few years we will grow our student body and expand the size of our faculty. This expansion will allow us to better serve the people of India and to accommodate many more of the talented applicants who seek to attend IET, Agra.
There are the radical transformations being wrought by technology – witness the enormous excitement about online education. I believe there are huge opportunities to transform the way we teach engineering, and even who we teach it to. We will bring the latest educational technologies to our classrooms and build on the successes of our top-ranked online and executive education programs.
The full promise of IET will not be realized unless we are inclusive and diverse. We must provide access to all – women, members of underrepresented groups, and those who are disadvantaged socio-economically. Here, leadership and commitment are essential.
We advocate for educational and community-centered goals and initiatives that align with our mission, vision, and values; we unite to achieve positive academic and community-focused outcomes; we seek to inspire our students to take up the cause to help bring about the change they wish to see in the world.
I have – and will – commit to these endeavors on a daily basis, and I humbly ask you to join me in doing the same. We have another wonderful academic year ahead of us. Let’s advocate, unite, and inspire the next generation.


Prof. D. K. Singh Dean (Academics)